Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Amid NYC Gentrification, Subway Inn Reappeared on 2nd Ave, Everything For Sale

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, March 18 – As New York City enters hyper-gentrification with foreign investment in Manhattan real estate left empty, the death and quiet, seemingly dubious, rebirth of the Subway Inn is a story we need to tell. Long located on 60th Street and Lexington Avenue, the evictions of the Subway Inn bar because a cause celebre. The dive bar was visited by Anthony Bourdain and others; it was in the Village Voice, petitions were collected. And then it was closed and that was that.
  But on March 18 as Inner City Press followed the United Nations corruption north from 42nd Stree to Sutton Place then west, it came upon the former Atomic Wings location on 60th and Second Avenue, now with Subway Inn's neon sign on the front. Inside, the barkeep said it had been there for three years, which the public record disproves. But two years and for what? There were only three patrons; NCAA basketball's March Madness was on, and what purported to be a Subway Inn petition on the wall. Periscope video here.

   Was this the perfect symbol of the real death of New York, amid progressive de Blasio progressive bromides, of a new era? Watch this site.