Thursday, March 30, 2017

After UN Evicted ICP, Moved in Egyptian State Media CPJ Had Criticized, But Not Now, Scam

By Matthew Russell Lee, SeriesVideo, Reply

UNITED NATIONS, March 23 – After the UN evicted and restricted me, up on the second floor, even after 10 am, the glass door to the Security Council was locked. I started filming Periscope when the GA President's spokesman approached. Not me but two women ten feet in front of me I hadn't even noticed.“He's recording you, you know,” he told them loudly.

   “I'm filming my exclusion from the Security Council,” I told him. “But you're recording them.” “You're doing a great job,” I told him. “A great job of censorship.”

  The UN guard came over. “Is there a problem?” he asked. He was speaking to Dan, not me. “Would you like to file a complaint again him?” he asked Dan.

   “Go ahead and do it,” I said loudly, still filming. Dan walked away. Another complaint in my file, I figured. It was only getting worse.

  Still to the noon briefing I asked about GG-UNSDG, I asked why Ban had been present at the vanity press book launch of John Ashe's wife. Dujarric didn't like that one. An hour later Luiz told me: they were moving someone into the office, into my desk. How? “Egyptians,” Luiz said. “I haven't met them yet.”

  I went straight to Media Accreditation. So is it true? I asked. Is it true my office being given out? It's not YOUR office, they said.  To who? I asked. Then, “To whom?”

  “Akhbar El Yom,” they said. “I don't think you know them.” “So how can they get an office?” I went upstairs to write it, and in the Googling found that Akhbar Elyom is Egytpian state media, which fingers other journalists in Cairo for arrest by Sisi's forces. It turned out the Committee to Protect Journalists, whose Rob Mahoney then Joel Simon had refused to do anything about my case, had criticized Akhbar Elyom.  What a circus of hypocrisy: that's how I wrote it. But would it help?