Saturday, March 18, 2017

After UN Evicted ICP, UN Security Blocked It From Any Corruption Question to Ban Ki-moon

By Matthew Russell Lee, SeriesVideo, Reply

UNITED NATIONS, March 17 – After I learned of Ban Ki-moon's role in my eviction, the next morning I showed up ready to cover a meeting in ECOSOC where Ban would speak. But first the UN Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit said they couldn't spare anyone to swipe me through the turnstile; then when they did it was hardly better. A tall Caribbean guard came over. “What are you doing here with that pass?” he demanded.

 I gestured at my minder, barely five feet away.  “Why are you so special?” the guard demanded. He wouldn't get out of my face and soon I saw why: Ban Ki-moon and his entourage were coming out of ECOSOC. The guard stood between me and Ban. They didn't want any more question, anymore “That was not my decision.” Clearly it was.

  Thanks a lot, I told the guard, hoping my sarcasm was plain.

  “You watch yourself,” he replied. The minder stood by, then shrugged. Where was this headed? Did they just intend to throw me out on June 22 when this four month pass ran out? Or before then?

   I found myself putting more and more hope in the New York Times - and hating myself for doing it. They are not the measure of anything, I told myself. They let themselves be lobbied by other big media. But still I though it would help. I told myself I would call Corey the next day - then saw he had emailed me two days before. More questions, more run-around. I answered. I did not like to be dependent.