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After North Korea Deal Inner City Press Asks Russia PR If It's Freeze For Freeze, Seems So

By Matthew Russell Lee, VideoScope
UNITED NATIONS, June 13 – Before the North Korea - US summit, US President Donald Trump on June 1 said, "you people are going to have to travel because you'll be in Singapore on June 12th." And on that day, after a 38 minute tete a tete (with interpreters) and wider meetings and a lunch, Trump held up the four point document and after that took questions, see below.  On June 13 Inner City Press asked this month's President of the UN Security Council Vassily Nebenzia if his country, Russia, thinks the Singapore deal is essentially "freeze for freeze." Nebenzia replied, "There are elements of freeze for freeze, that is clear." Video here.
Inner City Press also asked the chair of the UN Security Council's 1718 Committee if the blanket sanctions exemptions were time bound and are now over. Seems so - Periscope video here, at end.  On June 12 Trump said the war games will not be resumed in North Korea complies, calling them provocative and expensive. A Japanese reporter asked about abductions, adding, when will Trump do interview with Japanese TV? Trump said abductions will be worked on, it's not in the document. Trump said that to verify - the word not in the document - there'll be a lot of people there. There was no mention of the UN or IAEA. Hours later UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres put out a canned statement "
reiterat[ing] his readiness to fully support the ongoing process," below, after leaving problems at the IAEA unaddressed, taking few and onlyl handpicked questions, restricting the Press. On June 11 in New York with the UN effectively marginalized, its Secretary General Antonio Guterres wanly offered, "Relevant parts of the United Nations system stand ready to support this process. The International Atomic Energy Agency has a mandate to apply safeguards on all nuclear material in peaceful use, including all material removed from military programs." He took three pre-picked questions but has not answered on the IAEA portion of the UN system's cover up of sexual harassment charges under his watch. As Inner City Press has exclusively reported: "An abrupt resignation at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, of Tero Varjoranta, was by some like Reuters linked to Trump's pull out from the Iran JCPOA deal. Varjoranta was linked to the JCPOA - but his resignation, multiple whistleblowers tell Inner City Press, was more tied to a sexualharassment incident witnessed by many staff. Inner City Press' sources, understandably afraid of retaliation in Guterres' UN (which continues to restrict Inner CityPress) now exclusively provide Inner City Pressit was a retreat held in October 2017 by one division within the Department of Safeguards, see below. On May 23, before the UN barred Inner City Press from the premises from 7-7:55 pm then had it escorted out, Inner City Press asked Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric, UN transcript here." More here.With that entirely unaddress and the Press that exclusively reported and asked still restricted by Guterres, the UN put out this on June 12: "The Secretary-General welcomes the holding of the Summit between the leaders of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the United States as an important  milestone in the advancement of sustainable peace and the complete and verifiable denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula. As the Secretary-General noted in letters to both leaders before the Summit, the road ahead requires cooperation, compromise and a common cause.  Implementing today’s and previous agreements reached, in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions, will require patience and support from the global community. The Secretary-General urges all concerned parties to seize this momentous opportunity and reiterates his readiness to fully support the ongoing process." At the UN on June 5, Inner City Press asked the chair of the UN's North Korea Sanctions Committee, Dutch Ambassador Karel van Oosterom, how many sanctions exemptions have been given for the talks. After not answering this question the last few times Inner City Press asked, on June 5 he said, "One," a blanket exemption. Inner City Press followed up, asking if and when North Korea will provide information like the names of those traveling: before the 12th or after the 12? Van Oosterom, walking away, said it's an open exemption. UN video here. What does this say about sanctions? Trump on May 29 tweeted, "Meetings are currently taking place concerning Summit, and more. Kim Young Chol, the Vice Chairman of North Korea, heading now to New York." On May 30 just before 7 pm Kim Yong Chol and security, as well as at least one staffer from the US Mission to the UN, exited the Millennium Hilton hotel on 44th Street across from the UN and piled into a series of black cars, pursued by media. See 2 minutes and 20 seconds of Inner City Press' Periscope feed, here. They drove to 330 East 38th Street, the Corinthian Condominium where many war crimes linked diplomats have lived and the US leases a condo for its deputy ambassador; they dined for 1 hour and 26 minutes on "American beef." On May 31 after a two and a half hour meeting at the Corinthian, Pompeo held a short press conference at the Lotte Palace Hotel at 2:15 pm. Inner City Press arrived as required at 1:15 pm; there was a full stand up by Fox then another cut short by someone's ring tone. Periscope video here. Pompeo took four questions (Bloomberg, WSJ, ABC and Fox) and was upbeat but declined to entirely confirm the June 12 talks are on. Why could he, if another statement like those on Bolton and Pence could get it called off again? Looks like it's a go. Will UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (again out of town until May 31, when he canceled the press Q&A he had scheduled) try to make himself relevant? Seems not. On travel ban exemptions, the UN Security Council website as Inner City Press exclusivelyreported is to be run by the "self employed" husband of the chief of staff of the Department of Political Affairs. The Dutch have a role in this website, DPA whistleblowers tell Inner City Press. We'll have more on this. Back on May 24 Trump wrote to Kim Jong Un, "based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting." Simultaneously, UN Secretary General put out a statement - praising North Korea for destruction of an already played out testing site. The UN under Guterres remains out of date, irrelevant and worse. But on the morning of Saturday May 26, Trump's spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, "The White House pre-advance team for Singapore will leave as scheduled in order to prepare should the summit take place." And just before 9 pm on May 26, in a White House event marking the release of a Utahan from Venezuela, Trump said:
We're doing well on summit with North Korea.. there's a lot of good will... if we can be successful in de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula. We're looking at June 12 in Singapore, that hasn't changed.”
But the UN remains a place of untransparency. At 3 pm on May 24 Inner City Press asked the Dutch chair of the UN's 1718 DPRK sanctions committee if the exemptions granted will be rescinded. He said he would answer later - but was gone when the UN Spokesman's Office announced the afternoon's consultations were over. The Committee's website lists exempted correspondent banks but not travel ban exemptions; the UN Security Council website as Inner City Press exclusively reported is to be run by the "self employed" husband of the chief of staff of the Department of Political Affairs. The Dutch have a role in this website, DPA whistleblowers tell Inner City Press. Dutch Ambassador Karel van Oosterom pointedly declined to answer Inner City Press' question(s) on May 30, here. We'll have more on this. Watch this site. Ealier in the day at the UN Security Council stakeout, the Dutch deputy ambassador repeated that it would be a bumpy road; Sweden's ambassador said he had just seen the news. The French Ambassador Francois Delattre refused to stop or answer any questions, as has become more and more routine. Trump on May 10 had tweeted "The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12th." On May 22 North Korea state media Minju Joson laid down this line: "If the U.S. and the South Korean authorities persist in the confrontation policy and war moves against the DPRK, oblivious of this fact, they will be held wholly accountable for all the ensuing consequences. Dialogue and saber rattling can never go together.”
  So the odds now change daily, and the UN remains marginal at best. While North Korea said it was inviting to witness its destruction of nuclear testing site at Punggye-ri from May 23 to 25 media from South Korea, the United States, China, Russia and the UK, it gave no response to South Korea's transmission of the names of journalists. Hope springs eternal: the South Korean journalists nevertheless took off for Beijing, intent in re-transmitting their names. From there a Unification Ministry official said, "We tried to convey the list through the Panmunjom communication channel at 9 a.m. today, but the North declined to accept it."  The South Korean journalists were left behind in Beijing by the others, then themselves left. Now this, from South Korea's Unificatin Ministry: We delivered a list of eight reporters from two outlets to the North today, and the North accepted it." Watch this site.Marginal UN's Secretary General Antonio Guterres, refusing on the record, had a lunch with his favored correspondents on May 21, with wine; nothing emerged and Guterres was reportedly not not asked about UN corruption, the China Energy Fund Committee bribery case, sexual harassment cover ups at UNAIDS, UNESCO and as is relevant here the IAEA or his continuing restriction on the Press which reports on them. Meanwhile Japanese media reach out to Inner City Press about its UN corruption exclusives, while slowest and most right wing Sankei Shimbun writes derivativesly about Santa Fe, Texas. Second tier. On US talk show Fox News Sunday, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said “If they don't show up, it means diplomacy is over. If they do show up and try to play Trump, it means military conflict is the other way forward... One way or the other it's going to be over by 2020.” On May 18, Inner City Press asked the Chair of the UN Security Council's 1718 DPRK (North Korea) sanctions committee Karel van Oosterom if his Committee has received ay request for sanctions exemptions or waivers for the June 12 talks; he indicated No: "the members of the Committee have not received such a request." Vine video here. This was in a loud press gaggle after the Committee met with the UK's Ambassador to Pyongyang, after a similar meeting with Russia's ambassador there. (The UN is using a little known Russian correspondent bank, which self reportedly had the wrong people negotiate the arrangement, as Inner City Press exclusively reported). Those covering the meeting nearly entirely worked for Japanese media, see below. Inner City Press previously asked UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric if it would play any role - no answer - and on May 9 asked him if the UN had played any role at all in the release of the three American hostages by North Korea earlier in the day. No, Dujarric said, before laughing after a Press question about hindered humanitarian aid and calling Inner City Press "self-centered." Video here. On May 16, North Korea's first vice minister for foreign affairs Kim Kye Gwan issued a statement further calling the talks into question. Guterres, holding a press encounter in Brussels as he rarely does in New York, said he hopes common sense prevails. Inner City Press asked his deputy spokesman Farhan Haq, video here, UN transcript here: Inner City Press:  does he believe, it seems like the snags are based on a couple of things, one having to do with this Max Thunder military exercise, and that's the basis on which North Korea said the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] cancelled the meeting with South Korea and more recently they focused on some comments by the new [United States] National Security Advisor analogizing North Korea to Libya.  So, I'm just wondering, particularly as to the military exercises, does he think this is the right time?  Does he think there should be some meeting halfway or is he just hoping that it works out?

Deputy Spokesman:  We believe that the parties involved know what their concerns are.  And, like the Secretary-General said, he believes that common sense will prevail.  He does regret that the inter-Korean meeting was cancelled, but he hopes the discussion will resume." The UN under Guterres is becoming ever more marginal.  On May 15, Kim's state media KCNA cited the joint US - South Korea military exercised somewhat absurdly called Max Thunder as an “exercise targeting us, which is being carried out across South Korea, is a flagrant challenge to the Panmunjom Declaration and an intentional military provocation running counter to the positive political development on the Korean Peninsula.The United States will also have to undertake careful deliberations about the fate of the planned North Korea-U.S. summit in light of this provocative military ruckus jointly conducted with the South Korean authorities.” At the UN Security Council stakeout on the afternoon of May 15, Sweden's Permanent Representative Olof B. Skoog said had yet to hear of this development; the Dutch chair of the Council's North Korea 1718 sanctions committee went into the Council's meetings, on Somalia and Abyei, without stopping to spek with the press. Back on May 12, KCNA announced that North Korea's "Nuclear Weapon Institute and other concerned institutions are taking technical measures for dismantling the northern nuclear test ground ... in order to ensure transparency of discontinuance of the nuclear test." Media from five countries - including the UK but not Japan - were invited. Japan's right wing Sankei Shimbun, which routinely misses North Korea news at the UN in favor of problematic fluff about Kanye West and its reporter Mayu Uetsuka's laundry and jogging in the park, snarked that "
The dismantling of the nuclear test site may just be another theatrical performance to the outside world... It seems that North Korea wants foreign currency under the premise of inviting foreign media." But now an expert opines that "only four media (two US TV, one ROK TV, one ROK text) 100% confirmed going to North Korea to observe demolition of Pyungye-ri. Many media invited have had invites rescinded with no real reason given." So does Sankei stand by its statement this is all about getting foreign currency? Trump back on May 8 while withdrawing from the Iran Deal announced that Mike Pompeo was on his way to North Korea and would be there in an hour's time. Trump said he was hopeful the US hostages would be released and that withdrawal from the Iran Deal would make America safer. Meanwhile Kim Jong Un has flown to the Chinese city of Dalian and met Xi Jiping. Along with a seaside walk, the talk was of synchronized and mutual steps with the US, probably not what Trump wants to hear. South Korea's Yonhap and Chosun have both reported the talks will take place in Singapore in the June, most probably the third week in June. It is noted that Trump often reverses course - it could be earlier, in the DMZ in Panmunjom, or even not at all, depending on how the meeting is pre-spun. Either way, it seems the UN remains on the sidelines, despite intermittent claims of relevance from UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and his yet to be seen new head of the Department of Political Affairs. Inner City Press, which previously shared a UN officewith Chosun Ilbo prior to being evicted for exposing the UN's bribery by Ng Lap Seng and now Patrick Ho, was told she'd start on May 1. Also as the Trump - Kim talks approach, the constellation of those opposing or seeking to undercut them extends from self-styled diplomatic experts in Washington to decadent and ill-informed pro-Abe Japanese scribes in New York. The former include politicians who while first claiming diplomacy was being killed now say it it moving too fast. The latter published, in Sankei Shimbun alone, two separate stories about the May 3 event at the UN in which as Inner City Press reported amid other news a professor from Tufts University said Japan's colonial rule of Korea was better than that of the Kims. Of this, Sankei's Mayu Uetsuka who was not even there wrote that “Mr. Kaichiro Iizuka (41), the eldest son of Mr. Yaeko Taguchi (62) = Same (22) =, said the mother was one year old when she was kidnapped, "I have no memory of touching my mother ". While attention is being paid to nuclear and missile issues, he said, 'Do not forget the abduction issue that human beings are being threatened, human lives should not be lighter than nuclear weapons and missiles.'” Meanwhile the same Uetsuka, unconcerned with human lives other than her own, braggedabout renting an apartment on the Upper West Side there is no washing machine in the room. At first I was looking for a property with "washing machine" at the rental site, but I could not find it in the desired area in the budget. New York has many old buildings, so there are no washing machines only about 30% of the property. Piping around the water is not in place, it is also difficult to purchase and install a washing machine yourself. There is a laundry room in the building and it will be shared with neighbors. From friends, I heard that there are some Americans who are washing shoes and they snatch, but they will have to get used to it. In the life of the United States, insensitive dullness which does not care a little is trained. The room I live in is also puzzled by the appearance of the next apartment from the window, but it gradually ceased to matter. Let's start a jog at Central Park for a diet.” No, it's time to be replaced, putting out for old reports, throwing away real information for a self-promoting bartender typist, on June 5 typing slews of quotes about the new President of the General Assembly seemingly not to be used: Kevin Pinner, claiming he “named products, generated slogans and ideas for marketing campaigns” for Chinavision. Oh for the days of Jun Kurosawa, who at least pursued the attempted censorship of Mr Tatsuya Kato (and Gaza). These days Pinner sits elsewhere in the bullpen, ordered to type information that Sankei will never publish, on May 24 on Burundi and Lebanon; Mayu Uetsuka recently tried to promote New York ads for Hitachi, Panasonic, Shimizu Corporation, and Daikin Industries; now derivative on Facebook and GDPR. She was not present on May 17; no question about Sankei's dubious story about South Korean ship to ship transfers with DPRK ships was asked. Tellingly, even after sitting on the ground at the stakeout, Sankei's Gaza articles were by Mina Mina (or Mina Mitsui), Takao Sato in Jerusalem and in DC, Hiroyuki Kano still running interviews which while interesting are from April: more than two months before. To complain about media critique? Neither was even present at Guterres' North Korea stakeout on June 11. On June 13 the two were together - trying to figure out what happened on Gaza. Hey, ask Jun Kurosawa. Like the Sankei "foreign pool" reports for Abe's visit, this is failure. We will have more on all this.

On Cameroon Inner City Press Asks of UN DSS Staff in Buea and Why Fall Hasn't Gone

By Matthew Russell Lee, VideoIIQ&A
UNITED NATIONS, June 12 – Amid the worsening crackdown by the army of 36-year Cameroon president Paul Biya in the country's Anglophone areas (June 12 UK comment below), in April a video circulated depicting soldiers burning down homes. Click here for one upload of it. Noted by many residents and activists: blue helmet of the type used by UN peacekeepers. On April 30 Inner City Press asked UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric about the video, the day after publishing a story about it, in Google News. April 30 Q&A video here; transcript below. On June 13, Inner City Press asked Dujarric, Video here, UN transcript here: Inner City Press:  I wanted to ask you about Cameroon.  I was just listening to what Mr. Fall said and I just wonder, it seemed... on Monday, a report was put out by Amnesty International detailing in some detail first-hand accounts of torture, burning of villages, murder of suspects.  So, I just… one, can he do a stakeout?  Is he… if he's the Secretary-General's envoy on the region…?  Number two… and I say it because…

Spokesman:  We can ask.  As you know, he hasn't been to… in Cameroon in some time, but we'll ask.
Inner City Press:  Right.  Other Council members praised his engagement.  I wanted to ask you that.  There's no engagement that you haven't announced from here?

Spokesman:  Not that I'm aware of.  I'm not hiding any engagement.
Inner City Press:  Right.  So, I mean, is the Secretary-General satisfied with not necessarily the performance of Mr. Fall, but with the engagement of the Government, given an Amnesty International report detailing the torching of villages…?

Spokesman:  I think we have expressed and we'll continue to express our concern about the developments in the area.

Inner City Press:  I wanted to ask… you may not know, but photos have come out of UNDSS [United Nations Department of Safety and Security] personnel in Buea, which is a town in Anglophone Cameroon, quite a few of them.  And… and I'm… so people don't know what they're doing there.  This goes back to the… sort of distrust from the Blue Helmet at one of the torching sites.  Is there some way you can find out… if there's some… is there some engagement taking place?

Spokesman:  I'll find out." Five hours later, nothing. Why hasn't the UN Security Council had a single meeting beyond Fall's semi annual ramblings about the government's killings in Cameroon, specifically in the former British Southern Cameroons? Previous UK ambassador Matthew Rycroft, and now his successors, tell Inner City Press the UK continues to monitor the issue, even as the UK denied in full Inner City Press' request for documents under the UK Freedom of Information Act, and the UK Mission to the UN siddles up only to the media which don't ask them about the issue. Now this outrage: the UK is bragging about a big natural gas deal with Paul Biya's government, through a London based company called New Age. Minister Liam Fox "announced today a deal worth more than £1.5 billion had been secured by a UK company to deliver natural gas project in Cameroon." On June 11 Inner City Press asked the UK's Permanent Representative at the UN Karen Pierce about Fox bragging about the gas deal and the lack of even an Any Other Business meeting in the Security Council about Cameroon despite the killings and burning of villages. Video here. She replied that there has been no meeting but some discussions not in the Council and said that on the comments of Doctor Fox, they could get Inner City Press a "line" (as, in fairness, they did About Socotra Island in Yemen). And on June 12, a  “Spokesperson for the UK Mission” sent Inner City Press this line, as Pierce had promised, and we publish it in full: "The UK has a long standing partnership with Cameroon, including defence cooperation in the fight against Boko Haram, and commercial ties beneficial to both countries.  We have a responsibility to assist British business in their overseas operations where necessary. The UK Government is however concerned about the deteriorating situation in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon and have been clear with the Cameroonian authorities that there needs to be an end to violence from all sides, and an inclusive political dialogue to address the root causes of the crisis." But wouldn't one expect there to be at least a briefing in the UN Security Council on the killings in Cameroon? We'll have more on this. On Cameroon, more detailed, "Following Trade Minister, Baroness Fairhead’s meeting with Minister Secretary General Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, London based oil and gas company, New Age, and the Cameroon Government have agreed a deal which will see the development of a floating natural gas project in Cameroon utilising the offshore Etinde gas field. The project is of huge importance to the African country, who will be able to ramp up their gas export operation, in turn generating a huge revenue stream for the public treasury, whilst also helping to develop offshore infrastructure in support of future local power generation." This is on the website, here. We'll have more on this. On June 7, Inner City Press asked Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric, video here, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: I wanted to ask you this.  It has to do with Cameroon.  It's reported that Samuel Eto’o, the football player, as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, will be touring with Government officials [in] the Anglophone areas trying to encourage people to either go back to school or stop protesting, and so there's a lot of pushback against him.  And I wanted to know, one, when's the last time Mr. [Francois Lounceny] Fall was in the area?  Maybe you have it or could find it out… I want to compare.

Spokesman:  No, I mean there's nothing more than what is publicly known.
Inner City Press:  Would Samuel Eto’o’s trip, if it takes place — he's in Yaoundé — would it be as a UN Goodwill Ambassador?  And, if so, what would you say to the…?

Spokesman:  I have to check what his status is and who he actually worked for.
Inner City Press:  Well, people are saying that he's said nothing about this crisis the whole time…

Spokesman:  No, no, I'm not debating you. I just have to see what… the details.

Inner City Press:  Can you… okay.  I'd appreciate an answer on that." But 23 hours later, nothing. Dujarric waited until the June 8 noon briefing, when he read out: "I was asked yesterday about a visit, I think by you Matthew, by [football star] Samuel Eto’o to Anglophone Cameroon.  UNICEF has told us that this was a private visit to Cameroon, and that this was done completely outside his role as UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador." Video here. We'll see. On June 1, the UN's "Peacekeepers' Day," Guterres handed an award to Cameroon's Ambassador in a ceremony Inner City Press was told it could not enter, while state media from Morocco and other countries were allowed in. Tweet here. Two hours later the head of UN Peacekeeping held a press conference. Inner City Press asked him about the lack of vetting of troops from Sri Lanka and Cameroon. He answered on Sri Lanka - while entirely ignoring Inner City Press' question about Cameroon. Video here. This is today's UN of Antonio Guterres. On June 4, Inner City Press asked Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric, video here, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: on Cameroon, the… the… the… you'd said last week — and thanks for the statement — that the country team was asking about things in Menka and… and arrests.  You… I looked at it.  I thought I'd missed it.  I think you just said, we take note of the sentencing for 15 years.  Today, there's five more people being put up to sentencing, including a woman, her alleged crime was filming in a prison.  In taking note of these sentences, does that mean  there's something wrong with sentencing someone to jail for filming?  And, number two,  has there been any response by the Government to these [inaudible]…

Spokesman:  I'll check with our team.  I don't have anything else." Two days later, nothing. So on June 6 Inner City Press asked him, video here, UN transcript here: Inner City Press:  I did want to ask you about Cameroon.  I'd asked you two days ago, and you'd said that you'd check what the country team have held… heard back from the Government and also about the people now facing terrorism charges for… for following in a jail…?

Spokesman:  We're following these developments.  I'm not able to share with you what the country team heard back.

Inner City Press: Has the Secretary-General received a letter from Akere Muna, a presidential candidate in the upcoming election, and what is the response?

Spokesman:  I'm not aware that he has, but we will check."  Again, five hours later, nothing. Dujarric also got a petition about his continued restrictions on the Press, nothing. This is today's UN. Amid the killings in Menka - Santa, a 15 year sentence imposed on Mancho Bibixi for "acts of terrorism, hostility against the homeland, secession, revolution and insurrection." Whose homeland? From the UN, which put a cap on questions on May 25 while Antonio Guterres once again on the road, absolutely nothing. Dead silence. On May 29, Inner City Press asked Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric, video here, UN transcript here: and below. On May 30, Dujarric waited until the day's noon briefing to read out this answer, after which Inner City Press asked if UN will make Biya government's explanation of Menka if any public, and if UN's Francois Lounceny Fall is involved. No; video here. Dujarric for the UN read out: "I have been asked about the violence in the Anglophone region of Cameroon in recent days, and I can say that we are aware of the clashes between the Cameroonian armed forces and unidentified armed men in the town of Menka, in the North-West Anglophone region of Cameroon, on 24 May. We express our condolences to the families of the victims. The United Nations country team is in contact with the authorities to clarify the circumstances of the incident.

We call for an end to acts of violence in the Anglophone regions of the country and urge all Cameroonians to work together on an open and inclusive dialogue to address the concerns of the population in those regions. We also call on the Government to use restraint in the use force and follow due process for those who are arrested. 

In this regard, we are aware of the sentencing on 28 May of seven Anglophone activists for up to 15 years by a military court in Yaoundé for rebellion and acts of terrorism." It wasn't May 28 - Inner City Press asked if it was a typo, no answer. From the May 29 transcript:  Inner City Press: I wanted to ask you a follow-up on your Cameroon north-west and south-west announcement.  Just before the weekend, so Thursday or Friday, there were several dozen people killed in some villages called Menka and Santa.  The pictures were… are all over the Internet, including bodies being rolled into a mass grave.  I'm just wondering what is the relation between this?  Does the country team, are they unaware of these reported…?

Spokesman:  I think they are aware of these reports.  It's not areas to which they have access to.  Obviously, the continuing violence in the situation in those areas has created more displaced people.  I will get our guest who sounds like he is already having a good time." Yeah, a good time. On May 21 Inner City Press asked UK Deputy UN Ambassador Jonathan Allen when his Mission will at least request a briefing in the UN Security Council about Cameroon, given the targeted killings and the questions put to UK Minister for Africa Harriet Baldwin in the House of Commons and her answer. According to the UK transcript, Inner City Press asked, "One question on Cameroon: There was a national day held. Many people didn't participate or were forced to participate. And I know that Harriet Baldwin was asked in the House of Commons about it. Does the UK intend at any point to request a briefing under any other business or otherwise at the UN in the Security Council on targeted killings?" Ambassador Allen replied to Inner City Press, "We are talking to the government of Cameroon, of course. And we are discussing with our colleagues, including here, the situation that is going on over there. At this stage we haven't made any request to put it on the Security Council agenda. We keep it under review." Video here. Under review for how long, amid burning and looting of villages? Now to the criticism of summary executions, there's an attempt to stir up - or find - supporters of Paul Biya. In this sample TV clip, it is asked rhetorically, Where is civil society? Where are the political parties? Where are the intellectuals? Maybe support for Paul Biya is not what he thinks. As to the claim Cameroon will never be DRC, Libya, CAR or Cote d'Ivoire, it is understandable that like North Korea's Kim, Biya would not want to go the way of Gaddafi. But is the argument that Cote d'Ivoire is a colony? Any more than Cameroon? We'll have more on this. On May 20 Paul Biya had Nigerian soldiers parade before him in Yaounde. Nigerian Lieutenant Colonel Mochtar Sani Daroda said the troops were requested by Biya to participate. Meanwhile in Bamenda, University students were forced by Biya's official to parade the penalty of expulsion. It was no celebration in, for example, Bangem, Kupe Muanenguba, Konye, Batibo and Ekona. Last week US Ambassador 
Peter Henry Barlerin not only noted the government's targeted killings but also how long Biya has been in power - more than thirty years - and "suggested to the President that he should be thinking about his legacy and how he wants to be remembered in the history books to be read by generations to come, and proposed that George Washington and Nelson Mandela were excellent models." Biya's spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary has fired back from Libreville: "We do not accept the infantilization of the Cameroonian nation. It is with full knowledge of the facts that they put their ballot in the ballot box." Infantilization? For an 85-year old ruler for 35-years? Some National Day. We have see the ghost towns. On May 16, the Governor of Cameroon's North-West Region issued an order "advising" Anglophone residents to remain indoors or relocate for their own safety from May 18 to at least the dubious May 20 "nation day." But France, the sponsor and protector of all this killing, issued a congratulations, from ostensibly post FrancAfrique president Emmanuel Macron. He urged “strict respect for the unity” of Cameroon, in a congratulatory letter to Biya. Unlike others who acknowledged the undeniable, Biya's targeted killings and burning of villages, Macron denounced “crimes targeting representatives of the state” - like those who engage in torture, even on video. Macron wrote that “Cameroon is a key partner for France, and I hope that our relations will be even stronger in the future." Macron supported the killing just as he accuses others of. The UK, which many say abandoned the Anglophones of the former British Southern Cameroons, in a ghoulish intra-colonists' trade with France, has issued a warning for May 19-20 to British citizens in the Anglophone zones, here. The UK has denied in full Inner City Press' request under the Freedom of Information Act UK about Cameroon, and is delaying on Inner City Press' appeal. This comes as questions have been raised in the UK House of Commons - but not by the UN in the UN Security Council (that unspoken deal with France again). MP Jessica Morden, Labour for Newport East, requested answers from Harriet Baldwin Minister for Africa. Baldwin's answer does not explain why the UK has not even requested an Any Other Business briefing in the UN Security Council, where it has a Permanent seat, about Cameroon. Baldwin's statement: “I am delighted Mr. Speaker that she has managed to get this important issue on the Order Paper and for discussion here in the House of Commons because it is a serious situation, there violence from all sides in Cameroon, we are extremely concerned about the situation. And we are encouraging the government but all Cameroonians to participate in the process of inclusive dialogue. It’s an election year and this must take place without resorting to violence." And nothing requested in the UN Security Counicl by the UK, as others point to the governments targeted killings and burning andlooting of villages. We'll have more on this. Earlier, on May 17, Inner City Press asked Guterres' deputy spokesman Farhan Haq, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: on this right to assemble and protest.  Yesterday, I had asked you about this video in Cameroon of a person being tortured and you said it couldn't be authenticated, but a general statement.  Since the army has identified who the person in the…  depicted in the video is, has Mr. [François Louncény] Fall not issued any comment on it?  And the second one is, now in the run-up to the supposed National Day on 20 May, which many people don't see as the National Day, there's an order from the Governor of Northwest region telling people to leave their towns because the army is coming in and  that's why I'm asking a follow-up to yesterday's question.  Is there anyone in the UN system observing now the ordering of people out of their towns, and how does that impact the right to protest that you've just described?

Deputy Spokesman:  Well, our envoy François Louncény Fall is the person seized of this matter.  If he has any specific comment, I'll let you know about that.  Right now, what I can say about that is, as I had mentioned yesterday, we would be concerned about any use of force against people engaged in exercising their rights to peaceful assembly and peaceful protest.

Inner City Press: Right, but just one more…  And again, I'm saying because there's a press release  by the military of Cameroon, identifying who the person depicted in the video is, so what happens next?  Does DPKO (Department of Peacekeeping Operations) ask Cameroon which unit did it?  What's your investigation of it?  What happens once an army is actually --

Deputy Spokesman:  As I believe I explained to you yesterday, when we receive people from peacekeeping contingents, we vet them thoroughly to make sure that the individuals and their units are not linked to any violations of human rights; and that would be the case with troops coming in from Cameroon." Really? In mid-May, a video emerged depicting Paul Biya's Army torturing a captive, which they say to be Tsobonyi Alphonse Tatia a/k/a "Title Man" or "General," the name used as soldiers whipped his feet, kicked him in the back and stood on his head. Will those giving military support and equipment to Cameroon take note and stop? Will the UN which took Biya's golden statue and in essence covered up the refoulement from Buhari's Nigeria belatedly speak up? On May 16, Inner City Press asked Guterres' deputy spokesman Farhan Haq, video here, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: the Cameroonian Army stepping on a man's head and beating the bottom of his feet, so I'm wondering, it's a pretty widely… in Cameroon, it is seen by many, many people, and given that Mr. [Francois Lounceny] Fall was attempting to, I guess, provide good offices between the anglophone areas and the capitol, maybe you've heard from him, does he have any comment on this video that seems to be… put an end to any belief of dialogue?

Deputy Spokesman:  Well, we continue to hold out the hope that there will be dialogue among the parties.  Mr. Fall has, as you know, in past months reached out to the various participants, trying to see what he can do in that regard.  We have no way of verifying the authenticity of this video.  But we would be disturbed by any signs of torture and, of course, we would urge all parties, including the security forces, to refrain from such acts.

Inner City Press: The ministry… thanks a lot.  The Ministry of Defence put out a press release about the video, and I just wanted to know, in cases where an army is at least initially depicted, unless it's somehow debunked, as being engaged in torture, what does DPKO [Department of Peacekeeping Operations] do to ensure either that it's not using the same units who did it, the same individuals who did it?  
Deputy Spokesman: on the general principle, what we do is that our peacekeeping departments, that is to say the Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and of Field Support, are engaged in making sure that all individuals and all units that are engaged in peacekeeping operations are fully vetted, and so we go through those." On May 9, Inner City Press asked Guterres' spokesman Dujarric about reports that the Biya government is hindering humanitarian aid to fleeing Anglophones. Dujarric... laughed. He laughed at length. Video here. Then he called Inner City Press "self-centered." In between, he issued a typical Guterres canned statement of concern - this from or for an official who took Paul Biya's golden statue and now seeks to handpick which journalists can cover Guterres, or bans the use of Periscope even when UNTV is filming, here. In Yaounde, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization has sent a new resident representative, to replace outgoing Nigerian UN official Mal Moussa Abari. It is Athman Mravili, a native of the Comoros, whose Twitter feed consists of retweets of his boss, critique of the US administration on North Korea, and various virtue-signaling progressive causes. If he's so progressive, what about Biya's slaughter in the Anglophone zones / Ambazonia? 
 We'll have more on this. Biya is locking up journalists; for now what Guterres does is have "his" UN Security hinder the Press, including most recently on May 5 here, Inner City Press which has asked about Cameroon and the statue he took since it happened. Now a Biya military tribunal on April 10 ordered that Akumbom Elvis McCarthy, a news broadcaster for Abakwa FM Radio, a privately owned broadcaster based in the Bamenda region, be remanded in custody for a renewable six-month period while police investigate claims that the journalist aired "secessionist propaganda." So much for free speech and freedom of the press. The Cameroon Journalists’ Trade Union, SNJC in Cameroon has called on Biya to drop all charges against Anglophone journalists Mancho Bibixy and Thomas Awah Junior, both jailed at the Kondengui prison in Yaounde.
The SNJC made the call in Douala on World Press Freedom Day, when Guterres' UN was engaged in censorship, complete with a barely audible video message from traveling Guterres. The two are due back in court on May 8. Mancho Bibixy, a journalist and history teacher was arrested in Bamenda in January 2017 after leading a "coffin revolution" on the streets to protest against the state of roads. Dzenyagha Thomas Awah Junior was also arrested in Bamenda during the same period and transferred to Yaounde for allegedly being in possession of SCNC documents. Ah, freedom of the press, under direct attack in Cameroon and persistently hindered and undermined in the UN of Antonio Guterres and his Global Communicator Alison Smale. They've made their restrictions on Inner City Press pervasive, including requiring minders and blocking access, refusing to answer petitions: call it soft censorship. From the April 30 UN transcript: Inner City Press: a video emerged over the weekend from Cameroon showing or depicting soldiers burning people's homes in the Anglophone areas, and what… what a lot of people focused on is that one of them, at least, is wearing a blue helmet.  I don't think it means the UN is doing it, but I do wonder, what are the rules?  I wanted to ask you, what are the rules if people have served in UN peacekeeping missions… have you seen the video?

Spokesman:  "I haven't seen that particular video, so I can't comment on the particular helmet, whether it was just blue or a UN helmet.  We have seen, in different parts of the world, various security forces and army… we've seen reports of them using equipment that they own, which had been painted white or blue and reused domestically.  It is a responsibility to ensure that no equipment that has UN markings is ever used in any domestic operation.  But, again, I'm not… that's a matter… that's an issue of principle.  I haven't… I can't comment on that specific report." Hours later, still nothing.
  The lack of confidence in the UN in these areas, and on this issue, was inflamed as UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in October 2017 stopped by Yaounde on his way from the Central African Republic (where the UN pays Biya's government for peacekeepers who have been charged with sexual abuse). Guterres did not meet with any opposition figures, and accepted a golden statue from Biya.
  Guterres' envoy Francois Lounceny Fall has publicly said that secessionist are extremists, the word used by Biya to justify the scorched earth strategy exemplified by the video. Inner City Press asked UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Prince Zaid why his Office hasn't updated the death figures and he claimed it was because the UN has no access. 
  Guterres' humanitarian Assistant Secretary General Ursula Mueller visited Cameroon, but not the Anglophone areas. (Inner City Press asked her why, here). Human Rights Watch didn't even include Cameroon in its 2018 “World Report,” and told Inner City Press this is because it does not view it as among the 90 most serious problems in the world. 

   Guterres' Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed as in Abuja in her native Nigeria when 47 Cameroonians were illegally sent back by the Buhari government. Buhari will be in Washington on April 30 and a protest of Ambazonians is planned. Earlier in April, Inner City Press asked the US State Department about the refoulement to Cameroon and received a day later a statement. But what will happen on this video, and on the underlying issues? Watch this site.

At UN Kuwait's Palestine Draft Is Adopted After US Amendment Doesn't Get 2/3

By Matthew Russell Lee, Periscope2:20 video

UNITED NATIONS, June 13 – On Gaza, 12 days after Kuwait's draft UN Security Council resolution was vetoed by the US, on June 13 an essentially identical draft was adopted in the UN General Assembly with 120 in favor, eight against and 45 abstaining. Before that, a US amendment including Hamas got 62 votes in favor and 58 against. But UN President of the General Assembly Miroslav Lajcak ruled that a two thirds vote was required on the US amendment. The US' Nikki Haley appealed and that was put to the vote. The appeal failed, with 66 in favor of the appeal, 73 against and 26 abstaining. What will the US - or Washington - say about the two thirds requirement on amendments? And where was UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres? As usual, some say, conveniently absent. On June 8 Palestine's Ambassador Mansour told the press that President of the General Assembly Miroslav Lajcak would soon be announcing a General Assembly meeting on the topic and on this draft, hereThat meeting and vote has been set for the afternoon of June 13 - and now the US has sent around an amendment that it wants voted on first, condemning Hamas for firing rockets and inciting violence. In the Security Council the US vote came second. The number that will be compared to on Junwas thvote on condemning the US moving its Israel embassy to Jerusalem, which drew 128 yes, 9 no, with 35 abstentions and the rest not voting (like Cameroon did on the June 12 "GUAM" resolution.) We'll have more on this. At noon on June 8 Inner City Press asked about the meeting with the President of the General Assemblywhich included  Sabri Boukadoum of Algeria; Fode Seck of SenegalFeridun Hadi Sinirlioglu of Turkey and the Ambassadors of the Arab League and Bangladesh. Afterward Inner City Press asked Mansour about Palestine having joined UNIDO and UNCTAD, if the US had cut funding to the latter. Mansour replies that Palestine is joining seven more agencies but is holding off joining FAO and WHO, so that poor countries are not hurt (by US funding cuts.) Periscope video hereOnJune 1 on Kuwait's draft in the Security Council four countries abstained. Three were European: UK, Poland and Netherlands. And one was from Africa: Ethiopia, whose Ambassador had a long discussion with the US' Nikki Haley in the run up to the vote, visible in Inner City Press' Periscope video from the UNTV video booth over the Councilhere. Tweeted 2:20 video here. A similar discussion took place with Equatorial Guinea, but they voted Yes on Kuwait's draft. But later in the afternoon, Equatorial Guinea was among the 11 abstainers on the US draft, which had the US in favor and three against: a first. Before the votes, Inner City Press asked Israel's Danny Danon how much abstentions he expected. He replied that the US would not stand alone. Did he know about Ethiopia? We'll have more on this.  On May 31  there was talk of the US invoking the so-called 24 hour rule under which a draft must be finalized - "in blue" - for 24 hours before a vote. But as UK Ambassador Karen Pierce told the press, that rule is not always followed. Periscope video here. After 4 pm, Kuwait's Ambassador cam and told the press that the US said it would be proposing amendments, so Kuwait was putting the vote back to 3 pm on June 1, the first day of Russia's Security Council presidency. Now, US Ambassador Nikki Haley has said the US will veto Kuwait's draft, to which the US is pitching an alternative it wants voted on first. There was talk of a 7 pm vote, then of 8:30 pm - until the UN Spokesperson's Office called the end of day "lid" at 7:45 pm. And so, June 1. Here is Kuwait's "blue" draft, as obtained by Inner City Press: 31 May 2018 – Draft – Rev 3

The Security Council,

Recalling all of its relevant resolutions, including, inter alia, resolutions 242 (1967), 338 (1973), 605 (1987), 904 (1994), 1397 (2002), 1544 (2004), 1515 (2003), 1850 (2008), 1860 (2009), and 2334 (2016),

Recalling also its Presidential Statement 2014/13 of 28 July 2014,

Bearing in mind the letter (S/2015/809) of 21 October 2015 by the Secretary-General,

Recalling also its resolutions on the protection of civilians in armed conflict, including its resolutions on children and armed conflict, including, inter alia, resolutions 1894 (2009) and 2225 (2015), as well as its relevant presidential statements, and its resolutions on the protection of medical and humanitarian personnel and on the protection of journalists, media professionals and associated personnel in armed conflicts, including, inter alia, resolutions 2286 (2016) and 2222 (2015), as well as its other relevant resolutions and presidential statements,

Reaffirming the obligation to respect and ensure respect for international humanitarian law in all circumstances in accordance with Article 1 of the Geneva Conventions,

Expressing its grave concern at the escalation of violence and tensions and the deterioration of the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, in particular since 30 March 2018, and its deep alarm at the loss of civilian lives and the high number of casualties among Palestinian civilians, particularly in the Gaza Strip, including casualties among children, caused by the Israeli forces,

Condemning all acts of violence against civilians, including acts of terror, as well as all acts of provocation, incitement and destruction,

Reaffirming the right to peaceful assembly and protest, freedom of expression and of association,

Emphasizing the need to pursue measures of accountability, stressing in this regard the importance of ensuring independent and transparent investigations in accordance with international standards,

Alarmed at the exacerbation of the dire humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, and stressing the need to achieve a sustainable solution to this crisis in line with international law,

Stressing the particular impact that armed conflict has on women and children, including as refugees and displaced persons, as well as on other civilians who may have specific vulnerabilities, including persons with disabilities and older persons, and stressing the need for the Security Council and Member States to strengthen further the protection of civilians,

Recalling that a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can only be achieved by peaceful means in accordance with international law and the relevant United Nations resolutions and through credible and direct negotiations,

Stressing that the Gaza Strip constitutes an integral part of the Palestinian territory occupied in 1967,
Reaffirming the right of all States in the region to live in peace within secure and internationally recognized borders,

1. Calls for full respect by all parties for international human rights law and international humanitarian law, including in regards to the protection of the civilian population, and reiterates the need to take appropriate steps to ensure the safety and well-being of civilians and ensure their protection, as well as to ensure accountability for all violations;

2. Deplores the use of any excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force by the Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and particularly in the Gaza Strip, including the use of live ammunition against civilian protesters, including children, as well as medical personnel and journalists, and expresses its grave concern at the loss of innocent lives;

3. Demands that Israel, the occupying Power,  refrain from such actions and fully abide by its legal obligations and responsibilities under the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War of 12 August 1949 ;

4. Deplores any actions that could provoke violence and endanger civilian lives and calls on all actors to ensure that protests remain peaceful;

5. Deplores the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip against Israeli civilian areas;

6. Calls for urgent steps to ensure an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire;

7. Calls for the exercise of maximum restraint and calm by all parties and the need for immediate and significant steps to stabilize the situation and to reverse negative trends on the ground;

8. Reaffirms its willingness to respond to situations of armed conflict where civilians are being targeted or humanitarian assistance to civilians is being deliberately obstructed, including through the consideration of appropriate measures that the Security Council  may take in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations;

9. Calls for the consideration of measures to guarantee the safety and protection of the Palestinian civilian population in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including in the Gaza Strip;

10. Calls also for immediate steps towards ending the closure and the restrictions imposed by Israel on movement and access into and out of the Gaza Strip, including through the sustained opening of the crossing points of the Gaza Strip for the flow of humanitarian aid, commercial goods and persons in accordance with international law, including as it pertains to legitimate security requirements;

11. Demands that all parties cooperate with medical and humanitarian personnel to allow and facilitate unimpeded access to the civilian population, and calls for the cessation of all forms of violence and intimidation directed against medical and humanitarian personnel;

12. Urges the provision of immediate and unimpeded humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip, bearing in mind critical medical, food, water and fuel needs, and urges increased support to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, recognizing the vital role of the Agency, alongside other UN agencies and humanitarian organizations, in providing humanitarian and emergency assistance, notably in the Gaza Strip;

13. Encourages tangible steps towards intra-Palestinian reconciliation, including in support of the mediation efforts of Egypt, and concrete steps to reunite the Gaza Strip and the West Bank under the legitimate Palestinian government and ensure its effective functioning in the Gaza Strip; 

14. Welcomes and urges further engagement by the Secretary-General and the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process to assist, in cooperation with concerned partners, in the efforts to immediately de-escalate the situation and address urgent infrastructure, humanitarian, and economic development needs, including through the implementation of projects endorsed by the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee;

15. Requests the Secretary-General to examine the present situation and to submit a written report, as soon as possible, but not later than 60 days from the adoption of the present resolution, containing, inter alia, his proposals on ways and means for ensuring the safety, protection and well-being of the Palestinian civilian population under Israeli occupation, including, inter alia, recommendations regarding an international protection mechanism;

16. Calls for renewed and urgent efforts to create the conditions necessary to launch credible negotiations on all final status issues to achieve, without delay, an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967 and a comprehensive, just and lasting comprehensive peace based on the vision of a region where two democratic States, Israel and Palestine, live side by side in peace with secure and recognized borders, on the basis of the relevant United Nations resolutions, the Madrid terms of reference, including the principle of land for peace, the Arab Peace Initiative and the Quartet Roadmap, as called for in resolution 2334 (2016) and its other relevant resolutions;

17. Decides to remain seized of the matter." 
Meanwhile down hall, increasingly marginal UN Secretary General Antonio "Deep Concern" Guterres was claiming victory on a reform for which he provided no pricetag; his spokesman ran off the podium when Inner City Press asked how much it would cost. Then Guterres refused to answer Inner City Press, video here. We'll have more about all this. 
Inner City Press back on May 14 asked the Ambassadors to the UN of Palestine and Kuwait if the emergency UN Security Council meeting they were requested about Israeli sniper fire into Gaza would occur on May 14, or the next day, May 15. Video here. They replied it would be on the morning of May 15 (Alamy photos here), and that a draft Security Council Press Statement had been distributed, with a silence procedure until 6 pm. On that, silence was broken by the US, which just after 3 pm on May 29 announced, with the Kuwaiti introduced resolution still not put to the vote, that "This afternoon, the United States called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the latest attacks on Israel out of the Gaza Strip by Hamas and other militants. We expect the meeting to take place tomorrow afternoon. 'The recent attacks out of Gaza are the largest we have seen since 2014. Mortars fired by Palestinian militants hit civilian infrastructure, including a kindergarten. The Security Council should be outraged and respond to this latest bout of violence directed at innocent Israeli civilians, and the Palestinian leadership needs to be held accountable for what they’re allowing to happen in Gaza,said Ambassador Haley." Tomorrow would be May 30, which coincides with a "sold out" Israeli Mission event, "'Israel at 70: Global Impact Through Innovation.' The reception will be held in the United Nations visitors lobby followed by the event in Trusteeship Council Chamber.  Due to security reasons, please respond to this email confirming your attendance by 1:00 pm [May 29.]" High security all around. US President Donald J. Trump on May 18 met UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, listing in advance Syria and North Korea on the agenda, not Gaza. On May 15 Inner City Press asked Guterres' spokesman Farhan Haq about Friday's meeting - the UN does not anticipate any Q&A - and why Guterres has not set up a UN investigation. From the UN transcript: Inner City Press: the White House has put out a, I guess, a preview of the Secretary-General's meeting with President Trump on Friday and said, listing two countries, not the Middle East, Palestine or Israel, but listing Syria and North Korea as topics of mutual concern.  Does the Secretary-General… also reform an efficiency, but does the Secretary-General intend to raise this topic during his meeting Friday?  Because it seems from the listing that maybe the administration doesn't view the UN as… its role as useful on this topic as it does, apparently, on Syria and North Korea?

Deputy Spokesman:  Well, we will bring up a range of topics of mutual concern.  We will provide those details following the meeting on Friday.

Question:  Is it your understanding if there will be a Q-and-A session of the President and António Guterres?

Deputy Spokesman:  I'm not aware of that at this stage, but if there is one, we will provide the details... Inner City Press: there have been various calls in the Council for transparent and independent investigation of killings in Gaza.  You were saying that the Secretary-General, you know, is calling for such an investigation; but as many have pointed out, he has the power to set up such an investigation.  Can you explain his reasoning, at least thus far, in not doing so?  And also, there had been a request that he provide a report on the implementation of the resolution in December 2016 on settlements, and is he aware of that and when will he do that?  Those are two separate questions, investigation and implementation.

Deputy Spokesman:  Well, first of all, regarding the question of investigations, we made clear repeatedly now that we want there to be credible investigations.  Ultimately, what we are doing at this stage is pressing for the authorities, the authorities responsible, in other words, in Israel, in Gaza and elsewhere to mount credible independent investigations.  We will have to evaluate whether that happens and whether the results are satisfactory.

Question:  When you say elsewhere, what do you mean — when you are calling on an investigation by Israel, Gaza and elsewhere?

Deputy Spokesman:  And also the Palestinian Authority, which is present also, as you know, in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Question:  But, what is his reasoning not doing it himself, I guess, is what I'm saying?  There are many Council members that have said that he has it within his power to do it.  Is there some legal reason?  Is it a political judgment?

Deputy Spokesman:  Well, you're aware of the process by which UN investigative bodies get mandates, and that is something that we would need to be appraised of if that were a consideration down the line.  But, at this stage, our focus is seeing what the authorities themselves can do." 
on May 15, Kuwait said it will circulate a draft resolution on protection of civilians, modeled after a Norwegian one. France's Ambassador Francois Delattre spoke too, without taking questions. (His ambassador in Burundi Laurent Delahoussemeanwhile, replied to news of corpses in the river with one word: "Hippos?") Inner City Press was delayed since it is required by the UN of Antonio Guterres and his Global Communicator Alison Smale to only enter, unlike other UN correspondents many of whom rarely come in, rarely ask question and publish little, through the UN's Tourists Entrance, which was jammed and mis-managed on May 15. Periscope video - required to be turned off during the mis-management - here.We'll have more on this. Inner City Press asked, if as expected the US breaks silence, that they return to the Council stakeout. 
Kuwait, Sweden, France, Bolivia, Netherlands, Peru, Kazakhstan, Equatorial Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire and China have requested from Secretary General Antonio Guterres, traveling in Austria before meeting US President Donald Trump on May 17, that Guterres prepare and submit a report on implementation of UNSC Resolution 2334 of December 2016, on which the US (previous administration) abstained.  Also,"Kuwait has requested an open meeting of the Security Council under the agenda item: The Situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question, in light of the developments on the ground and the killing of innocent civilians, with reports putting the number of Palestinians killed at over 50.  Kuwait has requested for the meeting to be convened tomorrow morning, Tuesday May 15." Also on Gaza, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on April 5 said in a statement, "I reiterate my call on all concerned to refrain from any act that could lead to further violence or place civilians in harm's way, especially children." Then he prepared to leave for six days in China, just as the previous Friday he was an another UNannounced trip to his home in Lisbon. Now he is in Vienna. On April 20, after Palestine's Riyad Mansour, flanked by the Ambassadors of Tunisia, Kuwait and of the Arab League, conducted his Friday stakeout, Inner City Press asked if there has been any progress on requesting an inquiry by the UN Human Rights Council, and if Mansour had any comment on Mike Pompeo's upcoming trip to Jerusalem. Periscope videohereMansour said he was not the right person to ask about Pence, and that some process is underway in Geneva. We'll see. On April 13, after Palestine's Riyad Mansour, flanked by the Ambassadors of Kuwait and of the Arab League, responded to Inner City Press' question about why Guterres hadn't followed his own advice and set up an inquiry, Inner City Press put the question to Guterres himself. He dismissed it with a wave of his hand. Vine video here. On April 20, after Guterres' spokesman refused to answer Inner City Press on who Guterres was taking with him to the UN Security Council retreat in Sweden (other than Izumi Nakamitsu, which Inner City Press on its own reported, on Syria and perhaps North Korea), Inner City Press asked Mansour if he knew if Guterres took envoy Mladenov to Sweden. Mansour replied that Mladenov would brief the open Council meeting on April 26 - and that Palestine is now going forward in the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. We'll have more on this. Inner City Press Photos on Alamy. On Sunday, April 8, with Guterres issuing statements praising China but little to nothing on any other topic, the International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda issued this: "It is with grave concern that I note the violence and deteriorating situation in the Gaza Strip in the context of recent mass demonstrations. Since 30 March 2018, at least 27 Palestinians have been reportedly killed by the Israeli Defence Forces, with over a thousand more injured, many, as a result of shootings using live ammunition and rubber-bullets. Violence against civilians - in a situation such as the one prevailing in Gaza – could constitute crimes under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or “the Court”), as could the use of civilian presence for the purpose of shielding military activities. I remind all parties that the situation in Palestine is under preliminary examination by my Office. While a preliminary examination is not an investigation, any new alleged crime committed in the context of the situation in Palestine may be subjected to my Office’s scrutiny. This applies to the events of the past weeks and to any future incident. I am aware that the demonstrations in the Gaza Strip are planned to continue further. My Office will continue to closely watch the situation and will record any instance of incitement or resort to unlawful force. I urge all those concerned to refrain from further escalating this tragic situation. Any person who incites or engages in acts of violence including by ordering, requesting, encouraging or contributing in any other manner to the commission of crimes within ICC's jurisdiction is liable to prosecution before the Court, with full respect for the principle of complementarity. The resort to violence must stop." At 6 pm on April 6 Mansour returned with Tunisia's Ambassador and said the US had broken silence and blocked the statement. 12 Minute Video here.