Sunday, May 10, 2020

WHO Denies Delaying COVID Info For Xi But UN Lied 6 Years On Taking Cholera To Haiti

By Matthew Russell Lee, PatreonBBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - CJR PFT

UN GATE / SDNY COURT, Jan 4 – The World Health Organization has issued a denial, which Inner City Press published minutes after issuance, that China's Xi Jinping "personally asked WHO to hold back information about human to human transmission and delayed the global response for four to six weeks" at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, sourced to German intelligence by Der Spiegel.
   Inner City Press published WHO's denial first, noting that other questions about the current UNMISS Mission in South Sudan spreading COVID-19 with its admittedly lax practices (on which it and UNSG Antonio Guterres have refused Press questions) and WHO giving Cameroon's Paul Biya 14 luxury vehicles remain unanswered.
   But there a more fundamental problem or context to UN system denials, particularly on questions of deadly diseases.
    The UN lied for SIX YEAR about having brought cholera to Haiti. In the UN briefing room in New York, Inner City Press in person asked Guterres' spokesman Stephane Dujarric more than a dozen times about it, and Dujarric each time denied it, on UN video that he and Melissa Fleming now refuse to give to the Press. 
  Tellingly, even when denial became untenable, no one in the UN was ever disciplined for all the lies. Dujarric is still Guterres spokesman, now lying about COVID-19 and the UN system's role this time on Zoom since the UN has closed its headquarters other than allow Guterres' guard to continue to collectively use their gym there.
  And while for weeks now Inner City Press has sought answers from WHO, by email and raising its Zoom hand, nothing (except Tedros' lawyer about Taiwan.)
   So this UN system has no credibility, and continue to censor to try to hide its tracks. We'll have more on this.
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