Friday, May 1, 2020

Exclusive: UN In NY Proposes In Person Voting Or 45 Day Delay As It Spreads COVID in South Sudan

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive PatreonBBC - Guardian UK - Honduras - CJR PFT

UN GATE / SDNY COURT, May 1 – UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, while refusing to answer Press questions about his mission spreading COVID-19 in South Sudan and new rape charges against UN peacekeepers there and in Afghanistan and the Central African Republic, took seven pre-selected questions on Apri 30. Video with analysis here and here.
  Now from Guterres' corrupt UN Secretariat, Inner City Press has obtained its memo setting out options for the UN General Assembly to vote on electing to UN positions, for example for the next members of the now also dubious UN Security Council -- no answer from current President Estonia, here.

 The four page memo, pages of which Inner City Press is tweeting here, is called Options for Elections, and list four such elections in June 2020 (including ECOSOC, next PGA and VPs).
  The UN is so archaic that in New York which just cancelled its Presidential primary the UN is proposing voting in a specific venue, but with different time slots. A set up for fraud, several Member States have told Inner City Press.
Even more dubious would be Guterres' Secretariat running an "eBallot module." Yet even so the memo says it would take Guterres' DGACM a full 45 days to develop this. What have they been doing for the past two months? We'll have more on this exclusive.
On April 30, tellingly, of the questions picked by Guterres three were from the state media of Turkey, Russia and Qatar (China gets its answers and actions from Guterres off-line). 
  None of those selected by UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric asked about South Sudan, or UN rapes, or corruption. Inner City Press, which Guterres and Dujarric arranged to have roughed up by UN Security and banned now 667 days, submitted more than 20 questions in writing. 
  None have been answered or acknowledged, including questions about WHO in Cameroon and about Honduras' president, from whom Guterres through his spokesman bragged of taking $50,000 from, being named in a new narco trafficking indictment on April 30 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, which Inner City Press now covers.
    At one point in the short briefing, Guterres literally closed his eyes while talking, or spouting platitudes. This is what the five powers want in a UN Secretary General - a lack of energy to criticize, a predictable stream of pablum.
   But with Guterres they also got a censor who is personally corrupt, hiding his financial connection through Lisbon's Gulbenkian Foundation with CEFC China Energy whose Patrick Ho was convicted in the SDNY courthouse and is now imprisoned. 
It is prison, it has become clear, where Guterres should be - but he enjoys the same immunity the UN used to pay nothing for killing 10,000 with the cholera it brought to Haiti, and that Dujarric lied about. Now it is being repeated in South Sudan, by Guterres. Inner City Press will continue to pursue this and re-entry into the UN, like the pay-to-play state media handpicked by Dujarric on April 30. Watch this site.
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