Sunday, February 26, 2017

Samantha Power Uses Churkin Obituary To Promote Herself, Shakespeare in the Park

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, February 26 – Samantha Power today uses the death of Vitaly Churkin to (try to) show what an open minded person she is. It comes a month after she and her portrait - it has not been replaced - left the US Mission to the UN, and six weeks after she said the indictments of Ban Ki-moon's brother and nephew for using the UN to sell real estate "have nothing to do with the UN." (Power also scoffed at the UN bringing cholera to Haiti.)

   Power writes that she is saddened -- that she was criticized for crocodile tears, calling Churkin a "deeply caring man" after having demanded publicly if he wasn't even "a little bit creeped out" by the type of killing of children she said nothing about in Yemen.
  Power quotes what Susan Rice told her, fine; she recounts a Churkin e-mail, apparently to show how she worked him. She tells stories apparently to show "deep caring," not by Churkin but by herself, taking Ambassadors to Shakespeare in the Park and Churkin to her parents house in Yonkers. Oh the humanity!
  There are those in the UN who liked Samantha Power for what they think she stood for. By the same token, Power and the Obama administration were unrelentingly defenders of the UN for what they said it stood for. But were either right?
  On January 13 Samantha Power took up the UN Press Briefing Room for more than an hour to extol her and Obama's virtues. Her outgoing spokesman called early on two US Voice of America affiliates. 
 Between questions, Inner City Press asked, What about the indictment of Ban Ki-moon's brother and nephew? Tweeted video here.
  Power looked over and said, “I don't have any comment. It's not something that involves the UN.” 
  Well, no. The indictment by the US Attorney's Office says Ban's nephew repeatedly cited his family's access to the Amir of Qatar to help selling a building in Vietnam. Ban knew of this for at least a year and a half. Any UN OIOS investigation? But Samantha Power was never about reforming the UN.
   Inner City Press asked, What about Haiti cholera? Power smirked / shrugged, and her spokesman moved on. So the UN bringing cholera to Haiti and killing 10,000 people, not paying a penny - that "is not something that involves the UN?" We'll have more on this.
   When the UN killed 10,000 plus people in Haiti by bringing cholera, what did the Obama administration do? The issue wasn't even mentioned in Power's 8000 plus word Exit Memo. Nor was Burundi or Yemen, where US-made cluster bombs have been dropped on schools and hospitals. A problem from hell, indeed.
   Power and her Deputy Permanent Representative for Management and Reform Isobel Coleman have said nothing about the indictment for bribery of Ban Ki-moon's brother and nephew for using the UN, nor about the John Ashe / Ng Lap Seng UN briefing case about to come to trial. 
They did nothing when  the Press which asked the UN about this corruption was thrown in the street and remains restricted still today, ten months later, despite a request from the Government Accountability Project.
  Specifically, Power, Coleman and the Mission / Administration did nothing when Ban and his holdover head of communications Cristina Gallach had investigative Inner City Press thrown out onto First Avenue. They were asked in writing (by the Government Accountability Project), at the UNSC stakeout (Power) and in Washington (Kirby). Nothing. The UN is trying to give its office to an Egyptian state media which rarely comes in, never asks questions.

   The failure to reform during a UN-sympathetic Administration in Washington will make the coming scrutiny all the more painful. Call it a Problem From Hell.

 When the UN Security Council members met about South Sudan on December 15, the best they could do was extend the mandate of the UNMISS mission for a single day. Even then, there was already news of UNMISS having given arms to warlord, or “rebel general,” James Koang.

 Inner City Press asked US Ambassador Samantha Power about this on December 16 and she said she hadn't read it. On December 19, even while fielding a pre-picked question on South Sudan, Power still refused to answer. Video here.

 We'll have more on this.