Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ban Ki-moon Served Canned Quotes & Stolen Space to Korean Media, Must Be Reversed

By Matthew Russell Lee, Twenty First in a Series 
UNITED NATIONS, January 2 -- At the end of Ban Ki-moon's decade as UN Secretary General, covering up genocides in Sri LankaBurundi and Yemen and evicting the Press which asked about (t)his corruption, Inner City Press is reviewing Ban's tenure, year by year. See also this Twitter Moment.
 And now Ban aver evicting the Press in New York threatens to sue, for ambition. 
While Ban threatens further necessary measures according to one Korean media -- Ban refused to release the threat letter; Inner City Press appeared on JTBC television news in Korea, here -- others are given statistics about how much Ban traveledduring his UN decade.

  This special service to some Korean media, while evicting the investigative Press, was a hallmark of the Ban era, which began with Ban trying to get / give UN media office space to Korean media. From Inner City Press' November 9, 2010 piece:
"UNITED NATIONS, November 9 -- The UN's relations with the Press range from bugs to snubs to turf wars. 
 After holding a press availability only for the Korean media he left for the G-20 meeting in his native South Korea. On November 9 his acting Deputy spokesperson Farhan Haq announced that Ban would be holding a press conference -- in Seoul.
As in Seoul Ban Ki-moon prepared for the press conference he didn't hold in New York, on the same second floor of the Dag Hammarskjold Libary a turf war was breaking out. In what was previously in the Secretariat called the J or Japanese Room, the “K” or Korean wing is said to often sit empty.

Ban at Republic of Korean pavillion in Shanghai, bugs not shown
At least one reporter for Japanese media moved in to fill the void, due to limited space for her media. A few verbal altercations ensued, until the UN's Media Accreditation and Liaison Unit was called in. MALU has a rule that media must be at the UN three days a week to have an office.
Of some of the Korean media it is alleged -- and even admitted -- that the three day test is not met. The perception among numerous correspondents is that the Korean media is protected, by Ban Ki-moon and his senior adviser Kim Won-soo. In fact, a story is told of Mr. Kim proffering a deal to UN reporters, to get Korean outlets space."
   After Ban Ki-moon evicted in 2016 one of the most active media at the UN, this cannot be repeated or continued in 2017. Watch this site.
 In 2006 after Ban was given the job since he was NOT “God's gift to humanity,” even then he was criticized for close business links with Myanmar, by Djoko Susiloamong others. 
As it turned out, Ban Ki-moon's brother Ban Ki-ho would do mining and other business in Myanmar, after being on a “UN delegation.” Ban Ki-moon's nephew Dennis Bahn is said to have used his uncle's name and position while trying to sell real estate in Vietnam. The Bans have yet to answer these questions. Here's the December 26 round-up story by Inner City Press.