Sunday, January 22, 2017

Nikki Haley Says "We're Going To Have To Make This Right With Haiti" on Cholera, Ladsous

By Matthew Russell Lee
UNITED NATIONS, January 18 – Before Nikki Haley spoke as nominee for US Ambassador to the UN, Senator Bob Corker said he sometimes wondered if just-left Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had a pulse.
  In fact, Ban was quite active in helping his own relatives at the UN, promoting his son in law to the top UN job in Kenya, his brother mining in Myanmar with a "UN delegation," indicted nephew using Ban's name to sell real estate.
  When Haley answered Senator Markey (D-MA) on Haiti cholera, she said "We're going to have to make this right with Haiti" -- and clean up UN Peacekeeping. That would involve firing Herve Ladsous, see below.
  Inner City Press at the January 18 UN noon briefing asked about Haley saying countries whose peacekeepers abuse should not keep getting paid, asking specifically about Burundi whose troops are suspected by the UN of 25 rapes in the Central African Republic, while Ladsous decides to keep paying the Nkurunziza government for 800 more of them.
Earlier, Haley said the UN has a "checkered history." That's being diplomatic. Consider a head of Peacekeeping who has linked rapes to R&R, video here.
  Consider a head of the UN "Department of Public Information" who did no due diligence over indicted UN briber Ng Lap Seng - then evicted and still restricts the Press which asked here about it. Audit here, Para 37-40, 20b; NYT here.
   In response to questions, Haley praised the UN peacekeeping mission in Sierra Leone, questioned the one in South Sudan and that country's government. She noted that countries make money off their peacekeepers. The case in point, we note, is Burundi, here.