Thursday, March 12, 2020

OneCoin Launderer Scott Sent to Jail After Blog By Inner City Press Proves His Florida Dine Out

By Matthew Russell Lee, PatreonBBC - Decrypt - LightRead - Honduras - Source
SDNY COURTHOUSE, March 12 -- For money laundering for scam crypto currency OneCoin, lawyer Mark Scott was convicted by a jury but allowed to remain free on bail pending sentencing.
  Inner City Press which covered the trial then on December 6, 2019 reported from its South Florida sources that despite ostensibly being on home incarceration Scott was "living the high life in Florida including being spotted out to dinner with body guards... Meanwhile Gilbert Armenta, fellow money launderer, is out and registering even more companies, the same as he did for his OneCoin money laundering bank in Georgia" - the country, not the US state. 
 On March 12 the US Attorney's Office belatedly moved to revoke Scott's bail, citing Scott's continue use of OneCoin derived funds and, explicitly, Inner City Press' "blog post" about Scott dining out in Florida while on home incarceration. 
 Assistant US Attorney Chris Demase said they have first read out it in the blog post and couldn't believe it - but that it was proved by GPS information from Scott's location monitoring ankle bracelet.  
  Mark Scott's Florida based lawyer David M. Garvin sputtered over the telephone from Florida, with Scott next to him, that the dinner had involved lawyers. He tried to explain Scott's use of OneCoin funds. But Scott was ordered to turn himself in to the US Bureau of Prison on March 13.

Another of his lawyers, when Inner City Press left the courtroom, was arranging to pay for a transcript, perhaps to appeal. Here is Inner City Press' Periscope video upon leaving the courthouse. The case is US v. Scott, 17-cr-630 (Ramos).