Saturday, April 29, 2017

On North Korea, Sweden Revised Statement After Tillerson Said Break Diplomatic Relations

By Matthew Russell Lee, New Platform
UNITED NATIONS, April 28 – When US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke on North Korea in the UN Security Council on April 28, he called on countries to break diplomatic relations with the country. As speeches continued, the UN sent out Sweden's speech, which included a line: "diplomatic relations constitutes the basis for our efforts and must be upheld in accordance with the Vienna Convention." See Patreon here. Then the UN sent out a "revised" Swedish speech with the line about upholding diplomat relations removed. Also Patreon here. Call it the Tillerson effect. Some background: when Sweden got involved in an "Elected Ten" draft on Syria, the US sources tell Inner City Press questioned the move. Did that play any role in Sweden's "revised" speech? We'll have more on this.

  China's Wang Yi, who spoke at the Council stakeout before the meeting differed (Inner City Press Periscope here). He proposed suspension for suspension.