Monday, December 5, 2016

For Spain's UNSC Month, Settlements Maybe, Burundi & W Sahara, Nothing on Yemen?

By Matthew Russell Lee
UNITED NATIONS, December 1 -- With Spain taking over the Presidency of the UN Security Council in December, the last month of its two year term on the Council, Spanish Ambassador Román Oyarzun Marchesi on December 1 took questions about the Program of Work for the month.
   Strangely, Yemen was not listed in the calendar, or even the footnotes. Inner City Press when called on asked Oyarzun about that omission, whether “Peacekeeping Operations” in the footnotes includes Western Sahara, and how the Council will follow up on its resolution to send UN Police to Burundi. 
Periscope video here, even before it goes up on UN Webcast archive.
   On Western Sahara, Oyarzun noted that Secretary General Ban Ki-moon -- who will get his own Council tribute resolution on December 14 -- met with Morocco's King while in Marrakesh. 
There's yet to be a read-out of that meeting, at least as relates to the peacekeepers expelled from the MINURSO peacekeeping mission who are still banned from returning. Oyarzun said that some members might ask for an “Any Other Business” meeting about this.
  We'll have more on the answers about Yemen and Burundi, as both situations appear to be disintegrating. Inner City Press for the Free UN Coalition for Accessencouraged Oyarzun to do question and answer stakeouts after Council consultations.
   Oyarzun said that there might be action on Settlements in connection with the December 16 meeting about the Middle East and Palestine. He explained the absence of North Korea human rights from the agenda by noting that a procedural vote would be required to hold the meeting, with nine positive votes. We'll be covering this month closely - watch this site.