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Ban Ki-moon's Promoted Son in Law Chatterjee Silent As Kenya Targets Journo Starkey

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive Series
UNITED NATIONS, December 3 -- Two weeks after Inner City Press formally gave UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's spokesman Stephane Dujarric a link to an Internet page about Ban's brother Ki-ho engaged in mining in Myanmar's Shan state through South Korean firm KD Power -- as well as Bosung -- the response has been to have the page removed from the Internet. 
This comes after Ban's son in law Siddharth Chatterjee, promoted by Ban without recusal to the highest UN position in Kenya, ordered an article about nepotism removed from the website.
Now as Kenya detains and moves to deport journalist Jerome Starkey, Ban Ki-moon's son in law Chatterjee is entirely silent. Like his father in law has proved to be with the Press in New York, he is at heart a censor. But it makes a mockery of Ban Ki-moon's post Sri Lanka claims of "Rights Up Front," even as Ban angles to run for President on South Korea. 
 In fact, in Sri Lanka Ban's son in law is implicated in presumptive war crimes, the Jaffna Hospital massacre and the crushing of civilians with tanks. And it's from him that Ban took his advice on Sri Lanka, where Ban oversaw the killing of more than 40,000 civilians. 
Tellingly, as the UN's Resident Coordinator in Kenya, Ban's son in law Chatterjee has remained silent not only on the targeting of South Sudanese, but on the protests profiled in a study released by Article 19,here. 
Ban's son in law ignores Ban's supposed “Rights Up Front,” given his action in Sri Lanka (see below) and because he is entirely unaccountable: he could only be fired by Ban Ki-moon, his father in law. Nepotism is harmful.
On December 3 Inner City Press reported the ever-increasingly likelihood that Ban Ki-moon's son in law Chatterjee was involved in crimes of war in Sri Lanka, which neither Ban's spokesman Stephane Dujarric nor Chatterjee himself when asked in the UN lobby was willing to answer.
   For some time Inner City Press has heard that Chatterjee, as part of the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka, was a war criminal. Inner City Press asked Ban's spokesman Dujarric if Chatterjee was involved in the Jaffna University raid, or the Jaffna hospital massacre, without answer. 
   In the UN lobby, Chatterjee said he would answer at an “opportune time.” He has not answered. Chatterjee had his commander, Dalvir Singh, write a defense on Huffington Post and elsewhere, identifying himself as the commander of Chatterjee and of the 10th Para commandos.
And that's the problem.
  That is precisely the unit that tried to raid Jaffna University (video here), and after suffering losses, committed atrocities against civilians, not only at Jaffna hospital but also running them over with tanks. Running civilians over with tanks and crushing them: a war crime.  We'll have more on this.
On December 2, Ban's spokesman Stephane Dujarric blythely announced that Ban will travel from December 7 to 9 to receive an anti-corruption award presented by the Emir of Qatar.
On November 28 Ban's spokesman Stephane Dujarric said that he understands Ban Ki-ho no longer works for KD Power. But when Inner City Press asked when was the last time Ban Ki-moon spoke with his brother Ki-ho, Spokesman Dujarric said glibly that he has no clue, and hasn't returned with any answer.
  While Team Ban, including the South Korean Mission to the UN which on November 10 asked Inner City Press for the since-disappeared KD Power link, and the Bosung links, think they have ended this particular inquiry into nepotism by asserting Ban Ki-ho is no longer with KD Power, they have not answered even once on Bosung.
  Bloomberg lists Bosung as Ban Ki-ho's current employer, and Bosung also does business in Myanmar, in connection with a "UN delegation." 
Inner City Press has submitted questions to Ban Ki-ho at Bosung but they have not been responded to. 
Now consider this, from Kenya: "government has signed a memorandum of understanding with two Korean firms for the development of the coffee value chain. The agreement with Good Beans Limited and Bosung Company to the tune of Sh202 million will see the establishment of a coffee processing and packaging plant."
  The UN has refused to answer on Ban's nephew "Dennis Bahn" working for Colliers, which does business the UN as a landlord in New York (as well as using Ban's and the UN's name to attempt other real estate deal). The UN has refused to even look into a Myanmar government report of Ban's brother Ki-ho on a "UN delegation" in Myanmar, where he does business. Now this. Watch this site.
On November 30, Inner City Press asked Ban Ki-moon's deputy spokesman Farhan Haq, UN transcript here: Inner City Press: there's one thing I wanted to ask you, which is, I've been ask… I've asked both and you Stéphane several times about the business of Ban Ki-ho in Myanmar.  And the most recent thing that Stéphane said was that he… the brother of… Ban Ki-ho is no longer with KD Power, but he's still with Bosung.  He's still listed with Bosung.

And so I wanted to ask you whether there's ever going to be an answer on this Government of Myanmar statement that Bosung and a UN delegation toured the country in advance of business, because it seems like… and I've also found that Bosung does some business in Kenya.  So I'm encouraging you, I guess… I don't know how… how exactly you… you clemence… you collect such information, but if… if… if the brother of the Secretary-General was on a UN delegation, it seems to be an eminently straightforward question.  So I'm asking you again…

Deputy Spokesman:  We have no information suggesting that he was part of any UN delegation.  So beyond that, it would really be a question for whoever is employing him.

ICP Question:  Bosung hasn't answered either.  I've written to Bosung.  That's what you said to do.  So I'm going to keep… I mean…

Deputy Spokesman:  Well, we don't control them.  It's up to them to reply.

ICP Question:  So who do you ask, in terms of the UN delegation?  Can you tell me who was on the delegation?

Deputy Spokesman:  I have no information about a UN delegation in this capacity.
   Are they just not trying, trying to run out the string and Ban's clock? 
Dujarric has said he would "buckle up" and answer the UN delegation, Bosung and other outstanding questions, but hasn't -- this despite him onNovember 29 telling Inner City Press that earlier that day he had spoken with Ban who said he'll return to South Korea in "mid-January." (Notably, Bloomberg View controlled by the same Bloomberg who Ban made a UN Special Envoy, is now saying Park should hang on until the end of the year so that Ban could run, see here: "If she departs near the end of the year, an election for her successor could be held in March. That would allow United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon time to finish out his term and, if he wishes, run to replace her.) From scandal to scandal - we'll have more on this.
 Let's review: Inner City Press discovered that Ban Ki-moon's brother Ki-Ho's firm KD Power was thrown out of the UN Global Compact, the UN's easy-to-stay-in blue-washing mechanism for corporations. See here.
  What does it say about Ban Ki-moon's actual commitment to human rights if he can't even get his own brother to meet the minimal requirements of the UN Global Compact? Inner City Press asked November 25 in writing, to three of Ban's spokespeople, and got no answer. 
So on November 28 Inner City Press asked Ban's lead spokesman Stephane Dujarric, UN transcript here: 
Inner City Press: on the brother of Ban Ki-moon, Ban Ki-ho and KD Power Company, there's a letter.  They joined the Global Compact, and the signatory for KD Power was Ban Ki-ho.  They've been expelled from the Global Compact as of 21 September 2015.  So given what the Secretary-General has said about the Global Compact, does he find anything ironic that his brother's company for which he signed a letter has been expelled?  And, two, the brother, Farhan [Haq], in your absence, said ask these questions about the mining in Myanmar and the UN delegation to the companies.  I've now written to the email address that's on the brother's thing, and there's no response.

Spokesman:  My understanding is that the Secretary-General's brother no longer works for the company.  I think the Secretary-General would expect the Global Compact to enforce its rules in the same manner with every company, whether his brother may… had worked for the company or had not.  I think that's… I think the Secretary-General welcomes the Global Compact's conducting of its… and enforcing of its rules and regulations blindly.

ICP Question:  Given… given the still unresolved issue of… while he was engaged in mining in Myanmar, his mentioning by a government website as being a part of a UN delegation in the country, I'd like to ask you, just factually, when's the last time Ban Ki-moon spoke with his brother?

Spokesman:  I have no clue. 
 Yeah - no clue. Later on November 28, a senior Ban Ki-moon official came to Inner City Press, while it was confined to a minder, aided it for asking about when Ban last spoke to his brother.

Might the game have been to have the South Korean mission, which also asked Inner City Press for the KD Power and Bosung links on November 10, make the contact for Ban? 
KP Power's since-violated “Letter of Commitment” to Ban Ki-moon was signed by his brother Ban Ki-Ho, put on Scribd here by Inner City Press, without any disclosure of the direct family relationship, just as Ban's son in law Siddharth Chatterjee, whom Ban promoted to the top UN job in Kenya, never discloses this relationship in his self-serving, human rights up front-free pieces which are run by Thomson Reuters and some others as a way to curry favor with Ban Ki-moon.
Ban Ki-moon can't or won't even get his son in law Siddhart Chatterjee, whom he promoted to the UN Resident Coordinator position in Kenya, to comply with his post-Sri Lanka failure "Rights Up Front" scheme. Sidd stayed silent amid targeting of South Sudanese in Kenya, and killings by police. In fact, the UN and Sidd have refused to divulge his role in killings in Sri Lanka.
 Back on November 9 Inner City Press sent Dujarric and others this, of which Dujarric in the hallway confirmed receipt - note that the first link was then disabled, so that it leads nowhere:

"I am sending three links regarding Ban Ki-moon's brother Ki-ho (through Bosung and KD Power) doing mining in Myanmar and touring with a UN delegation.


"Memorandum of Understanding with KD Power of South Korea, which is managed by Mr. Ban Ki-Ho, brother of UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, for the exploration of Magnesium as well as cooperation in power sector in the eastern Shan State of Myanmar.  "
  Now the page is gone: "The server can not find the requested page." So how did that happen, now? But here it is in archive (search for Ban Ki-Ho). And there are photographs...
This is Ban Ki-moon censorship, this time to try to conceal nepotism and exploitation of resources in a war zone, using the UN's name. 
Meanwhile Ban's spokespeople have refused to respond to or even comment on the underlying conflict of interest, now telling Inner City Press its only way forward with the story is to contact two South Korean firms, KD Power and Busong Powertec, that Ban's brother Ki-ho works with. The firms' websites are entirely in Korean and have no e-mail contacts except to the webmaster. Master of censorship and nepotism.
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in late August awarded the top UN job in Kenya to his own son in law, Siddharth Chatterjee, and did not even recuse himself.
  On September 27, Inner City Press directly asked Chatterjee about it, on Periscope. here. Vine here. Chatterjee hardly answered the long-standing questions; nor did Ban's spokesman. Neither set up the requested interview. 
  Now in November, Ban's spokespeople have refused to answer about Ban's brother Ki-ho's mining in Myanmar after Ki-ho toured with a "UN delegation," referring all questions to websites in Korean like this, see below
Likewise, Inner City Press' requests for a copy of Ban Ki-moon's October 14, 2016 speech to the Council on Korean Americans, for which $100,000 sponsorships were sought, and its questions about a UN Ethics Office opinion on that and on Ban's mentor Han Seung-soo being a UN official and on the boards of directors of Standard Chartered Bank and South Korea's Doosan have gone unanswered, even as reiterated at the November 4 UN noon briefing. Video here.
On September 24, Inner City Press put these conflict of interest questions to Han Seung-soo, who left after the briefest of answers, here. 
Ban's brother Ban Ki-ho is involved with KD Power in mining projects in Myanmar's eastern Shan State, see below -- and in greenwashing "renewal energy" projects in Myanmar, here, consonant with Ban and his spokesman's silence on Morocco using corporate wind power projects to greenwash a land- (and map-) grab of Western Sahara for COP 22, here.
On November 21, Inner City Press asked Ban Ki-moon's lead spokesman Stephane Dujarric, UN transcript here: 
Inner City Press: I wanted to get to the bottom of this.  This has, again, to do with the Secretary-General's brother Ki-ho.  And I just want to make clear what I'm requesting. Farhan has said, ask certain things of the two companies that he works with in Myanmar.  And most of the websites are entirely in Korean, but I'm doing my best to do that.

But my request to your office is, there is a Myanmar Government website whose URL I sent to you, whatever, 12 days ago that says there was a UN delegation that he was a part of.  What I'm asking you… and the companies are not going to give it… is, what was that UN delegation?  Is there… can you… I guess I…

Spokesman:  I have not been able to find any information or confirmation of that, but I will keep looking.
On November 18, Inner City Press asked Ban Ki-moon's deputy spokesman Farhan Haq, video here, UN transcript here: 
Inner City Press: I wanted to ask is to understand what you said yesterday: so now nine days ago I provided there were three links, these are links to Government websites in Myanmar, one of which refers to Ban Ki-ho, the brother of the Secretary-General and a visiting delegation of the United Nations.  Yesterday in the last answer, you seemed to say you found nothing on him working with the UN, but the allegation or what I'm asking you to confirm or deny is, one, that he does business in Myanmar, mining, through the two companies that I named; and, two, as the Government of Myanmar website states, that he was related to this visiting delegation of the UN. So I want to understand:  it's not whether he has a job with you, I don't think that he does, why would he have been part of a delegation of the United Nations and was any ethical review done, given that he is a relative of the Secretary-General?

Deputy Spokesman:  Well, I don't have any comment on non-UN work that is being done by someone who is not a UN person.  I wouldn't be able to characterize what work different private companies or private individuals do.  That's outside of my purview.  I'm not aware that he has any involvement with the UN.

ICP Question:  But what I'm asking, I just wanted to be very clear, the website of the Government of Myanmar talks about this as a joint delegation to do business involving the brother on the one hand and the visiting UN delegation.  So all I was asking you, it's actually just a straight factual question:  since the Government of Myanmar said this visit took place and the date is on it and you've been given the link, who was on the delegation?  What was the purpose of the delegation?

Deputy Spokesman:  He is not part of a UN delegation that I'm aware of, so I wouldn't have any information.  It would be information, in other words, possessed by someone else, a company or something else but we as the UN don't have that.

ICP Question:  For the UN side of this, the UN delegation, can you find out who was there?  I'm willing to… if you tell me which… doesn't say which agency, if you tell me who in the UN system?

Deputy Spokesman:  I'm not aware of any UN delegation that participated in this work so I don't know who you would go to for that.  I think you need to go to the companies for which this person works and ask about the work that he did.  They are the one whose can speak for him.  I cannot. 
   But while the UN tries to pass the buck on this scandal to Ban Ki-ho's two companies, their websites are entirely in Korean. Click here. When Google-translated, one get this: "KD POWER is currently conducting an off-grid photovoltaic power plant project in Khaloke Village, Yangon, Myanmar through the Ministry of Knowledge Economy's Korean Micro Energy Grid (K-MEG) project."
 So again, Ban Ki-ho IS doing business in Myanmar. What was his role in the "UN delegation"? This is a scandal, amid Ban's Nambiar's UNdisclosed briefing about "giving time" amid government killing in Myanmar. Watch this site.
On November 17, Inner City Press asked Ban Ki-moon's spokesperson, this time the deputy, Video here, UN transcript here: 
Inner City Press: my second question on Myanmar was, it’s now eight days ago that… when Stéphane [Dujarric] asked, I sent him links, including to a Myanmar Government website, about Ban Ki-moon’s brother through KD Power, engaged in mining in the country, and with Bosung Powertec, engaged in a tour with a visiting UN delegation.  So I’m just wondering, this… the South Korean mission also asked me for the same links, and I gave them to them.  I’m not sure in what capacity they asked for them, but it seems like… what is the answer on the brother of the Secretary-General engaged in financial activity in Myanmar as part of a UN visiting delegation?  Have you determined what was his role in what the Government says is a UN delegation?
Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq:  I haven’t any information about him participating in any UN work.   
 Why not?
  On November 9, Inner City Press since Ban's spokesman had refused to answer asked again, then provided the UN links and to the South Korean Mission to the UN at their request. From the November 9 transcript: 
Inner City Press: I'd asked about the brother of the Secretary-General, and two articles, both of which remain online… they have not been taken down, one of which says that he's involved in magnesium mining in Myanmar, and the other one links him by name to a UN delegation which toured Myanmar.  So you said you can't verify it.  And I wanted to know, is that can't or won't?  Because it seems like if there's an article describing a UN delegation touring for financial reasons a controversial conflict zone, it should be able to be… are you willing to at least look into what the delegation may have been and whether…

Spokesman:  You know, send me the article.  I haven't seen the article.  And, again, please try not to get the… my double chin with your periscope.  It's very annoying.

Inner City Press:  Okay.  Maybe we can lower the podium....
After the briefing Inner City Press sent Dujarric and others this, of which Dujarric in the hallway confirmed receipt - note that the first link was then disabled, so that it leads nowhere:

Hello. I am sending three links regarding Ban Ki-moon's brother Ki-ho (through Bosung and KD Power) doing mining in Myanmar and touring with a UN delegation. 

"Memorandum of Understanding with KD Power of South Korea, which is managed by Mr. Ban Ki-Ho, brother of UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, for the exploration of Magnesium as well as cooperation in power sector in the eastern Shan State of Myanmar.  "

2) " Bosung Power Technology Co., a power supply material manufacturer where Ban’s younger brother Ki-ho is a vice president" 


"Bo Sung Powertec Co., Ltd, BUYANG INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd, Germany Recycle Engineering Co., Ltd and visiting delegations from the United Nations"

Who was on the UN delegation?

Was any UN Ethics office opinion sought for Ban Ki-ho's role in a UN delegation in a war-torn country in which he does / gets business? 

Why / how is this appropriate?

Also for Ban's brother's business engagement in the UAE with Han Seung-soo, UN official who gives speeches in that capacity in the UAE while being on the board of Doosan, which also does business there.

On CAR / Bambari, here is one of the articles I asked about :

Inner City Press is still requesting a copy of the Secretary General's Oct 14 speech to the Council of Korean American (for which they sought $100,000 sponsorships), his Saudi water speech, and list of carbon off-sets bought that he cited in his SIPA speech.

There is more to ask; never received any response to the below.
  Later, Inner City Press received this from the South Korean mission to the UN:
"Korean mission... I'm writing to ask your help. At the UN noon briefing you mentioned Mr. Ban ki ho had tour with UN delegayions and there is a published article about Mr. Ban's tour with UN delegation. Could you please send the article or provide the link you mentioned?"
  Inner City Press provided the links and more - but again wonders what is the relation between South Korea's Mission to the UN and Ban Ki-moon, now that he wants to run for President of South Korea. We'll have more on this.
Back on November 7, Inner City Press asked Ban's spokesman Stephane Dujarric not only about Western Sahara - even as it was again threatened for this - but also about Ban's brother, video here
Inner City Press: I’d asked you last week about the Ethics Office, and you’d said there were too many connections in terms of Han Seung-soo and Ban Ki-ho, but I have one specific question.  I see you waiting, so I’m going to…

Spokesman:  Go ahead.

ICP Question:  Okay.  And the question is as follows:  There’s a published article, whose link I can provide you, which says that Ban Ki-ho’s… the company Bosung is involved in magnesium mining in Eastern Shan State in Myanmar, which is a highly controversial human rights state.  And the article states that Bosung went on a tour with, quote, a visiting delegation of the United Nations.  So I think… you may or may not say this is a legitimate question, but if the brother of the Secretary-General is on a business delegation in Myanmar that’s described by a publication there as being with a delegation of the United Nations, I’d like to ask you, who was on that delegation?

Spokesman:  I have… this is the first I’ve heard of it.  I have absolutely no way to verify the information you’ve shared. 
  Okay there: Ban's brother Ki-ho is vice president of electric equipment firm Bosung (a/k/a Bo Sung), which has been on Myanmar tours with (unnamed) UN officials. See (and translate) this government web page, here:
"Industry, Republic of Korea Minister U Maung Myint Bo Sung Powertec Co., Ltd, BUYANG INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd, Germany Recycle Engineering Co., Ltd and visiting delegations from the United Nations"
Ban's former chief of staff and vanity press book editor Vijay Nambiar is Ban's envoy on Myanmar. Did he go on this trip? 
In terms of mining, see this: "Bright Time has signed an Memorandum of Understanding with KD Power of South Korea, which is managed by Mr. Ban Ki-Ho, brother of UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, for the exploration of Magnesium as well as cooperation in power sector in the eastern Shan State of Myanmar."
 Is the UN's Special Rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar Yanghee Lee aware of this mining project in east Shan State, with the brother of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon? Is the UN Ethics Office?

As noted, Ban's brother Ban Ki-ho is VP of a Korean electric equipment company, Bosung.  The CEO of Bosung, Lim Jae-Hwang, is a former executive with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).   Bosung Power Technology supplies its products primarily to KEPCO, which recently signed a deal with the UAE to build a nuclear plant.  
Doosan is providing the nuclear reactor. Ban's friend and mentor Han Seung-soo, whom Ban appointed to a senior UN position (which conveys diplomatic immunity) is on the board of directors of Doosan and has engaged closely with UAE on issues of Korean trade promotion and business.  Han has most recently served on the jury of the UAE Energy Prize.  Meanwhile, Ban's other brother Ban ki-sang served as an advisor to Keangnam, which developed properties in UAE for South Korean expatriates and businesses.
We'll have more on this.