Friday, July 29, 2016

On South Sudan, Inner City Press Asked Why UN Peacekeepers Watch Rapes, Sen Bob Corker Slams UN

By Matthew Russell Lee, Follow Up on Exclusive

UNITED NATIONS, July 28 -- In the UN's continued withholding of news and answers about South Sudan, the reports of the UN's own knowledge of abuses are now being withheld from its own impacted national staff.

 Since the UN refuses to answer questions, and Bans the Press from South Sudan meetingsvideo here, we published this document of complaint against the UN's reported plan to relocate Internally Displaced Persons to the UN House where its peacekeepers stood by watching as IDPs were raped. Photo of complaint here. and below.

Then on July 27 Inner City Press along with a new UN corruption scandal asked Ban Ki-moon's deputy spokesman Farhan Haq about the rapes, the inaction, and the planned relocation. Vines here and hereUN transcript here: 
and below.

On July 28, Senator Bob Corker the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which the UN told it has "no record" about evicting Inner City Press while telling Nobel winner Jose Ramos Horta it has an "internal report," put out this statement:

"I am horrified by allegations that U.N. peacekeepers witnessed women and girls being raped and failed to act. The U.N. must get to the bottom of these reprehensible charges immediately, and if true, swift and forceful action must be taken. The U.N. has shown a callous disregard for actions such as these, and we must use every tool available to end these abuses. Our nation’s leadership at the U.N. must immediately use its influence to restore accountability and oversight of peacekeeping missions, which are being subsidized by American taxpayers. Peacekeepers continuing to fail to protect the most vulnerable, including when security forces use rape as a weapon of war on innocent civilians, fundamentally violates why they are there and must not be tolerated.”

On the UN watching rapes, Inner City Press got a quote from the UK on July 28. Where is the US Mission to the UN, on this as on the UN's retaliatory Press eviction?