Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On UNGASS, Inner City Press Asks Fedotov Of Harm Reduction, Poorer NGOs, Pamphlets

By Matthew Russell Lee

UNITED NATIONS, April 19 -- As the Special Session of the UN General Assembly on the World Drug Problem or UNGASS began at the UN on April 19, Inner City Press asked UNODC's Yury Fedotov why lower income civil society was, like harm reduction, excluded. Video here.
  Specifically, Inner City Press asked about confining the already restrictive drafting process to expensive cities like Vienna and New York, and Geneva. Fedotov's reply mentioned New York, but not Nairobi, for example. He said while the phrase harm reduction is not in, the concept it.
  That's not what's being said just outside the UN on 47th Street, nor in the literature being handed out across from the UN. There, groups complained that UN guards confiscated their materials, which Inner City Press finds not hard to believe, given how it was evicted from the UN on April 16, video here and here.
  Some claimed the banning of pamphlets was a misunderstanding. But Ban's and Cristina Gallach's ouster and eviction of Inner City Press was no misunderstanding: it was premeditated, and retaliatory. 
Amid the Panama Papers and UN bribery scandals, now linked, Inner City Press went to the April 18 press conference of the Civil Society Organization, Financing for Development (FfD) Group.
 There, while the group's "Tax Body" globe mascot stood on stage, photo here, a UN staffer who participated in the eviction of Inner City Press' longtime UN office on April 16 (video here and herepetition here) came in and waited.
  After saying, "I am not reading your laptop," the staffer stepped forward and pulled the globe mascot off the podium.

  Inner City Press asked about it, and Tove Maria Ryding said the groups had an agreement with the UN that the mascot could be on the podium. But the UN is lawless. It is not the UN staffer's fault - this rot comes from the top.
 Inner City Press asked about the presence in the Panama Papers of Macau-based businessman Ng Lap Seng and his South South News, which paid money to the UN Correspondents Association then at the UN Ball at Cipriani's was given by UNCA a photo op with Ban Ki-moon.
  Moderator Stefano Prato answered about the corporate capture of the UN's public spaces - an apt description of UN DPI's Cristina Gallach letting Ng-funded Global Sustainability Foundation take over the Visitos Lobby for an event that broke UN rules. If you pay, you are invited. The Global Tax Body and investigative Press? Show them the door! More to follow.